Austrian Gluten-Free Cakes

Finding a moist, fluffy and delicious gluten free cake in the UK can be a challenge. But those days are over! Our gluten free cakes are handmade using only the finest ingredients - your tastebuds won’t be disappointed.

Handmade gluten free cakes to order online

We know how difficult it can be to find delicious gluten free cakes - well, at least ones that taste just as great as wheat flour based cakes. 

But not anymore: we have a selection of the finest flavours of Austria, authentic cakes made just for you and your dietary requirements. Who says you can’t enjoy the famous taste of Austrian patisserie heritage?

Our gluten free cakes that you can order online are:

  • Esterhazytorte
  • Mohntorte – gluten free Bosnian Poppyseed Cake
  • Haustorte - gluten free chocolate cake
  • Haustorte - gluten free birthday cake
  • Haustorte - gluten free celebration cake

For each birthday cake or celebration cake order you have the option to add up to 30 characters of personalized text, whether a “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations,” or something a little more personal. After all It’s about creating those special moments. And, it’s also about the cake…


A creamy dream from Budapest, the Esterhazytorte gluten free cake contains seven layers of crunchy dough, filled with a rich cream of nuts and butter.

Please note: this product is only delivered to London postcodes. If you wish to order for any postcode outside of London please contact us.

Mohntorte - Bosnian Poppyseed cake

Made with ground walnuts, lots of chocolate and young, organic poppy seeds from Austria, the Mohntorte gluten free cake is rich and juicy - the perfect way to celebrate a special day or as a Friday afternoon treat for the office.

Haustorte Gluten free Cake & Birthday Cake

A popular gluten free cake option, the Haustorte is made with red currant jam, plenty of marzipan and a delicious and crunchy chocolate glazing.

Haustorte Gluten Free Celebration Cake

Spread the Austrian love with our gluten free celebration cake - the classic Haustorte, handmade with the finest ingredients, and personalised with a message of your choice.

Gluten free cake delivery in London

All our gluten free cakes are handmade in London, with all orders received before 10:00 am sent out the next day, except for Esterhazy and Haustorte gluten free cakes - please allow up to two days for these. 

Orders placed between 10:00 am on Friday and Sunday will be sent out on Monday to prevent your cake from being stuck in a warehouse over the weekend. 

Delivery costs £7.50.

UK Gluten free cake delivery

Good news: our gluten free cakes to order are available all across the UK for delivery.

We use DHL next day delivery - any orders received before 10:00 am will be sent out the following day. However, please allow up to two days for Esterhazy and Haustorte gluten free celebration cakes.  

Delivery costs £7.50.

Find out more about delivery options here.




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