Do you deliver anywhere in the UK?

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Yes, we do deliver to any postcode in the UK, including Northern Island and the Channel Islands. Pls note that some cakes are for London delivery only (Cheesecake & Esterhazy).

Can I have a delivery on the same day?

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We can hire a local courier in London who can pick up and deliver the same day if the cake is available, although this comes at an extra cost. Please call us on 02077041555 to arrange. 

When should I order if I want delivery on a certain day?

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For London deliveries inside the M25, we deliver every day from Monday to Saturday, and we can guarantee a certain delivery date. Please respect the minimum order time, if you give us 2-3 days in advance we can always make sure it arrives on the specified day.

For UK wide deliveries: We use a “Next Day Delivery” service that delivers Tuesday to Friday, but unfortunately, our courier partner does not always keep their promise and deliveries can take 2 days. If you want to be 100% sure to have your delivery on a specific day please order for the day before to avoid disappointments. 

How do I track my order?

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You will get an email once your order is on the way and a text message/email about when it will be delivered. 

My order hasn’t arrived, what shall I do?

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If you have specified a day at which you wanted delivery and it has not arrived until late afternoon, please contact us on 02077041555 or email us at shop@kipferl.co.uk 

There is an issue with my order, how can I get in touch with you?

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Please contact us on 02077041555 or email us at mail@kipferl.co.uk 

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

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Usually, it takes 2 days from when you order your cake to when it arrives with you. Please find more about our deliveries in our delivery information. 

Why are some of the cakes London only?

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All our cakes are sent to any postcode in London inside the M25, a local courier with a refrigerated van picks them up in the morning and delivers throughout the day directly to the customers. 

For UK wide delivery we use a next day postal courier and the more fragile cakes like Esterhazy, Maronitorte and Cheesecake would not arrive in a good state and without damage, hence the restriction to London postcodes. All other cakes can be ordered for UK delivery.

How much does your delivery cost?

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We charge £7.50 for orders inside the M25 and UK wide, and we offer free shipping for any order over £100.


How long do your Austrian Cakes last?

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All our cakes are made fresh to order in our London kitchen and have at least 6 days shelf life when they arrive. Less creamy ones like the Linzer or Sachertorte will last even longer.

Where shall I keep my Austrian Cake?

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We recommend keeping all cakes in the fridge to keep them fresh for longer, only the Kipferl and the Gugelhupf will not need refrigeration. 

Can I freeze the cake?

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Most of our cakes can be frozen as a whole or in pieces. We do not recommend freezing the creamy cakes like Esterhazy, Maronitorte and Cheesecake though.

Do you have any vegan cakes?

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Not at the moment, but we are working on it and will soon have some vegan options available. 

Are there any gluten-free cakes?

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Yes, we currently have 3 gluten-free cakes: our Haustorte, the Esterhazy Torte, and the Bosnian Poppyseed Cake. Please, do note that we cannot guarantee any of our cakes to be 100% free of allergens though due to the setup of our kitchen.

Are there any nut-free cakes?

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Yes, we have some nut-free cakes: Sachertorte, Topfentorte. If you are severely allergic please consider ordering from us as we are operating from a very busy, small kitchen where we use nuts in other products. 

Do you use animal products in your cakes like gelatine?

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No, all of our products are suitable for vegetarians. 

Is there alcohol in your cakes?

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Only the Maronitorte/Chestnut Cake has some rum.  

Can I have a writing on a cake, and on which cakes?

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Yes, we currently offer writing on our Sachertorte and on our Haustorte. Please check the Celebration Cake.

Are you offering special cakes for weddings, anniversaries, etc.?

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We do offer special cakes for special events, like the multi-tiered Sacher and more, please contact us on 02077041555 or email us at mail@kipferl.co.uk to discuss more in detail.

Are you offering your cakes wholesale?

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Currently, we are focussing on our retail business and do not offer cakes for wholesale. 

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